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Can you guess what fandom I'm in? :la:


Bumblebee was furious as he drove back to the scrapyard with his team trailing behind him, his engine revving loudly. He couldn't believe Sideswipe! How many times did he have to scold the mech before it would sink into his thick processor? Once again, Sideswipe had disobeyed orders and found himself in danger, which quickly led to the rest of the team being in danger. Bumblebee was beginning to lose count of how many times that had happened already.

Admittedly, he had been way too lenient with Sideswipe, hoping that scolding him and giving him double shifts would be enough to straighten him up. Obviously, that wasn't working. But, he knew there was one tried and true punishment that would be sure to teach Sideswipe his lesson.

Pulling into the scrapyard, Bumblebee transformed rather roughly and turned his narrowed gaze on the red speedster. "Sideswipe, with me." he ordered before the mech had even finished transforming.

Sideswipe frowned at his leader, already knowing what this was about. "Look, I get it, I screwed up. Can't we jus-"

"NOW Sideswipe." Bumblebee interrupted sternly, locking optics with the young mech, daring him to disobey again. He didn't want to spank Sideswipe in front of the whole team, but he would if given enough reason.

Sideswipe glared, trying to hold Bumblebee's gaze defiantly... before finally submitting and lowering his gaze to the ground with a heavy sigh. "Fine..." Shoulders slumped, Sideswipe started toward his leader, knowing he was in for an audio full. He had really hoped to avoid a lecture tonight.

Bumblebee kept his frown as he watched Sideswipe, letting the younger mech step up beside him before looking to the rest of his team. "Everyone else, let Fixit check you over before you retire to your rooms." he said, getting a 'yes sir' from them before turning to start for his quarters with Sideswipe following behind him.

They had repaired what they could of the Alchemor's crew quarters, Bumblebee making sure everyone had a room of their own so they could have some privacy and a comfortable place to sleep. The rooms were not very big, and they definitely weren't luxurious, but they got the job done.

Bumblebee, as angry as he was with Sideswipe, wasn't looking forward to this. The punk deserved a good spanking, but Bumblebee couldn't help but feel a little guilty... He remembered how much he hated being spanked when he was younger, how humiliating it was... But, he had deserved it every time, and he had definitely learned his lessons. He wouldn't be the mech he is today if not for those spankings - he might not even be ALIVE if he hadn't been taught certain lessons the hard way.  

Bumblebee slowed to a stop outside his door and quickly unlocked it before motioning for Sideswipe to enter first. "Go on." he urged, the young mech gave him a pout before shuffling inside with yet another sigh.

"Bee, we REALLY don't have to do this. I already know I screwed up. You're very disappointed, Drift thinks I lack discipline and Strongarm wants to throw me in a stasispod like a Decepticon." he huffed as he came to stand in the center of the mostly empty room, crossing his arms over his chest.

The young leader frowned as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Sideswipe, this isn't just about what happened tonight. This is about EVERY time this has happened. This is about what might happen in the future if you don't stop this reckless behavior." started Bumblebee sternly as he placed his hands on his hips, fixing a disapproving frown on the younger mech. "What if we aren't fast enough to save you next time? What if someone gets killed because of your actions?"

Sideswipe gave a pouty glare, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. "I don't NEED you guys to save me! I can take care of myself. I've been doing just fine on my own way before I met you."

"Really? You weren't doing a very good job of 'taking care of yourself' earlier." retorted Bumblebee. "You could have seriously gotten hurt Sideswipe. Fixit can repair the small things, but he's not a medic. He's not trained to handle a life threatening injury - none of us are."

"No one got hurt!" he shouted, scowling as he roughly pointed a finger at Bumblebee. "And you know what? You are SO not my dad. I don't need a lecture from you!"

Bumblebee's optics narrowed. "Someone needs to be a father to you." he growled as he took the punk's hand firmly and started pulling him toward the berth.

Sideswipe gasped as he was pulled, struggling and dragging his pedes. "Wh-what the frag are you doing?!"

"What Optimus would have done a long time ago if he were here." said Bumblebee as he sat on his berth and pulled Sideswipe over his knees.

The younger mech gasped, optics widening. "You can't be serious! Let me up!" he yowled as he fought to get away, but Bumblebee kept him pinned down with one hand on his back - and a sharp swat to his aft had him giving a yelp of pain.

Bee glared down at Sideswipe as he kept him in place. "Struggling will only get you harder punishment, so you better stay still." he warned as he lifted his hand and swatted Sideswipe again.

"Ow! Stop!" shouted the red speedster as he kicked his legs, wiggling, trying to escape - before giving a sharp cry when he received a HARD swat for his efforts. His struggles stilled and Sideswipe shivered as he glared at the floor, cheeks flushed with shame. "Th-this is such bullslag! You can't treat me like this!"

He cocked an optic ridge. "Actually, I CAN. You've been acting like a spoiled sparkling, so that's how you're going to be treated." he said while bringing his hand down hard. "You've been selfish, rude and inconsiderate with your teammates, not to mention placing them and yourself in harms way as if it's a game. You should be ashamed of yourself Sideswipe." he scolded as he paddled the young mech with his palm.

"Sh-shut up! I can act how I want!" he cried out, wincing after each swat over his backside. "Ah! I was just t-trying to complete the mission!"

"You were TRYING to get bragging rights." he growled as he spanked Sideswipe harder. "You disobeyed my order and broke formation to try taking the Decepticon down by yourself - which nearly got you and the rest of the team scrapped!"

Sideswipe yelped and cried out as each swat grew harder and harder until it finally reached a peak that Bumblebee wouldn't go past. Pit, this hurt! "S-stop! Bumblebee!" he shouted, pain in his voice as he gripped at the yellow mech's thigh.

"Not until you've learned that your actions have consequences." Bumblebee's optics narrowed as he continued the punishment, keeping count of his swats and making sure he didn't go overboard.

His struggles had weakened to almost nothing, all energy focused on trying not to cry. With every hard swat, the pain across his backside grew, shame welling deep in his spark. He tried to keep telling himself that he didn't deserve this and that Bumblebee was being unfair to him, but even he could see that wasn't true... He cried out once more as a hard swat landed across his sore aft, tears finally dripping down his flushed cheeks. "Th-that hurts! Stop!"

The older mech didn't stop, frowning, "I haven't heard a single apology from you, or anything to suggest that you regret what you did."

"I'm sorry! I-I won't do it again!" he sobbed as he closed his optics tight, as if it would hide him from his humiliation and shame.

Bumblebee halted his hand mid-swat, watching Sideswipe's quivering frame with a softened expression. "You promise? No more using your teammates, disobeying orders, or taking off during a mission?"

Sideswipe nodded shakily, sniffling. "I-I promise..."

Satisfied with that answer, Bumblebee sighed with relief and released the young mech. "Good..."

The teen pushed himself off of Bee's lap shakily, quivering as he quickly tried to hide the tears in his optics, keeping his gaze to the floor. How could he be expected to look at anyone after that? He blushed a bit deeper as he couldn't help but reach a hand back and sooth his poor bottom. "C-can I go now..?" he asked, his tone quiet and miserable.

Bumblebee's expression softened. "Not yet..." he said as he stood from his berth, stepping closer to Sideswipe - and gently bringing him into his arms in a comforting embrace.

Sideswipe tensed, almost struggling... before melting into his leader's frame with a whimper, unable to hold back the tears now. "I-I'm sorry..."

"I know... It's okay now." he said softly, sighing as he stroked soothingly at Sideswipe's back feeling him trembling. "I just don't want you to get hurt or killed, Sides. I don't want any of you getting killed." he said softly as he pulled back enough to look at the speedster, seeing tears still dripping down his cheeks. "Just... think of how your actions affect the team from now on?"

Sideswipe nodded softly as he kept his gaze to the floor, staying quiet save for his wet sniffles. He could bring himself to meet Bumblebee's gaze...

Bumblebee offered a sympathetic smile as he reached out to tip the young mech's chin up, finally getting Sideswipe to look at him. "You're a good kid Sideswipe. Young and wild, but a good kid."

He sniffled, shivering and averting his optics as his chin was held gently in place. "Good kid... Right." mumbled the younger disbelievingly.

"Hey... I've always said you're a good kid. You just need to learn to be a better team player." said Bumblebee, smiling softly as he took a small step back from the speedster, releasing his chin. "You kind of remind me of myself when I was young..." he mused with a nervous chuckle, getting a look of surprise from Sideswipe.

"Seriously..?" Sideswipe asked, a small grin spreading over his lips.

Bumblebee chuckled. "Don't go spreading that around." he mused teasingly before giving a sigh. "Don't ever give me a reason to spank you again, okay? I really don't like doing it..." he said with a gentle smile.

The teen quivered, smiling lightly. "Y-yeah, I'll... I'll try not to." he chuckled softly, sniffling as he tried to dry his tears.

The older Autobot gave a nod, smiling at Sideswipe. "Good. You can go now if you want. Maybe let Fixit look you over?"

Sideswipe made a face at that. He really didn't want anyone touching him after what just happened, especially not Fixit. The little minicon was likely to notice the inflamed sensors across his aft plating and start asking questions. "Uh... yeah, I might do that..." he said awkwardly, looking away from Bumblebee who smirked.

"You're not going to see Fixit, are you?" he asked, though it was more of a statement than a question.

The teen gave a sheepish grin as he took a step back, starting for the door. "Don't think so... Maybe tomorrow..."

Bumblebee shook his helm fondly. "Goodnight, Sideswipe."

"...Night Bee..." he said, smiling softly as he opened the door and slipped out. With a heavy sigh, he started for his quarters, ready to just sleep the rest of this night away. His aft was throbbing and sore, making him wince faintly as he rubbed his poor bottom. He hoped that felt better in the morning...
Tried and True
Sideswipe has officially been spanked! Man, this fic was SO fun to write. Personally, I think this is my best one yet!

I've already started on the Jetstorm one, but I have some other things I need to work on, so it may take me a little longer. But I promise, I will be working to get it out within a reasonable amount of time. :heart: For now, please enjoy Sideswipe getting his aft tanned!
That's right! I'm finally going to do another spanking fic! I've been toying with the idea for a while now, and RiD has really sparked my interest in it again. All the characters are so wonderful and full of personality, I'm really excited to try writing for them!

So, first things first, I don't have a premium account so I can't make polls. Instead, I'll just have to decide who to spank based on who gets the most suggestions for it. So don't leave me hanging! Leave a comment with who you would like to see getting their aft tanned!

1. Bumblebee

2. Sideswipe

3. Strongarm

4. Grimlock

5. Fixit

6. Jetstorm

7. Slipstream

Lol, I think I already know who will get the most votes B)
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