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Can you guess what fandom I'm in? :la:


Universe: Naruto
Pairing: Lee/Guy
Warning: So much fluff, age difference, two boys kissing.

Lee hit the ground with enough force to knock the wind out of any ordinary person, skidding across the forest floor a few feet before finally coming to a stop. His jumpsuit and legwarmers were dotted with grass and dirt stains from the multiple times he had hit the ground already, his body bruised and even bleeding in a few places.

Groaning in pain, he shakily pushed himself up into a sitting position, one hand going back to prop himself up while the other went to his aching chest. Ooh, that was going to be sore... One did not simply take a Dynamic Entry to the chest without feeling it for a week. Or two.

"Lee! Are you all right?!" Guy called out as he hurried up to his fallen student.

The young man shivered before looking up at his teacher and forcing what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "I-I am okay Guy sensei."

The older man frowned as he watched Lee struggle back to his feet, noticing the insincerity in his smile. This was not the first time Lee had taken a hit today - far from it in fact. Guy had almost lost count of how many times Lee had failed to defend himself against an obvious attack. Normally Lee could dodge or block almost everything that was thrown at him. But over the past few days Guy had found himself needing to hold back to prevent landing a blow that could seriously injure his student. He hadn't needed to hold back on Lee in a long time...

"Maybe we should call it quits for today, eh? Turn in early and grab something to eat." he suggested - and immediately saw Lee's body tense.

"N-no Guy sensei! I am fine! I must continue training for the chunin exams!" Lee insisted as he forced himself to his feet with an unsteady sway. His large, dark eyes were wide with something akin to horror. Guy wanted to stop training early? That NEVER happened! Had he truly disappointed him that badly? He had to fix this - he couldn't let his emotions get in the way of his training!

The look in those beautiful, innocent eyes almost made Guy flinch. It was as though he had somehow just betrayed his student. "Lee, you're..." he trailed off, hesitating briefly. He had to consider how he worded this. If Lee gave him another one of those betrayed expressions it would break his heart. "You've been very distracted and unfocused lately... Training won't do you much good if you're not in the right frame of mind for it."

Lee quivered, his shoulders slumping with defeat as shame crept into his features. "I am sorry... I know my performance has been disappointing lately... B-but I promise to do better." he said quietly, sadly.

If you listened closely, you could hear the sound of Guy's heart splitting down the middle and crumbling to pieces. Without even so much as a second's hesitation, he swooped forward to snatch Lee into a tight, comforting embrace - something he had done many times over the years - and squeeze him so close that the young man's feet left the ground. "I wasn't scolding you, Lee! You could never disappoint me." he said quickly with a rather pained tone in his voice.

Lee gave a little squeak at the sudden closeness, a pink flush coming to his cheeks as butterflies danced in his stomach. The feeling of Guy's powerful arms around him made his heart race, and he melted into the feeling of familiar, calloused fingertips stroking slowly up and down the curve of his back. The touch was innocent, Lee knew, but it caused his already frazzled emotions to swirl into an overwhelming whirlwind of bliss and panic. He needed to tell Guy the truth - he HAD to. If he didn't, these feelings would tear him apart.

Guy finally relaxed his hold enough that the boy's feet touched the ground again and tried to look into his eyes. But Lee's face was downcast and shadowed by his glossy black locks. Reaching down, he took Lee's chin between two fingers and lifted until their eyes met. "Lee, I think it's time you told me what's been bothering you. Is it about the chunin exams? You know I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're ready." he said, grinning that proud, sure grin of his. A grin that said everything would be okay. No matter what.

Lee's heart thundered in his ears as he looked into Guy's ever confident gaze, feeling his cheeks heating as his blush grew to a deeper shade of red. "G-Guy sensei... I-I..." His voice was barely above a whisper and quivering with emotion. Should he say it? Could he? He had always hoped that Guy would return his love, that he hadn't simply imagined the way his sensei's touch lingered a few seconds longer than it needed to, or the way there seemed to be something different in the way the jounin looked at him as apposed to how Guy looked at TenTen and Neji. But what if he was wrong? What if Guy didn't feel the same? What if everything changed between them..?

Hot tears welled in his eyes, his digits clenching into determined fists at his sides even as his body trembled with apprehension. He could see worry creeping into Guy's expression and he hesitated... before shutting his eyes tightly. Sucking in a sharp breath, he blurted it all out in one desperate cry, "I'm in love with you Guy sensei!"

The forest suddenly seemed to go maddeningly quiet, the world grinding to a stand-still as it waited for Guy's response - or perhaps it only felt that way to Lee. His heart pounded in his chest, seconds feeling like minutes as he braced himself for rejection.

Guy stood completely still and silent as he stared at his student, watching tears begin to drip down his cheeks from beneath long, dark lashes. "That's all?"

Lee's eyes shot open, looking up at his teacher in bewilderment. "Wh-what?"

A relieved smile spread across the jounin's features. "What a relief - you had me worried that something was wrong." he chuckled as he slid his hand up from Lee's chin to tenderly cup his cheek, wiping a tear away with his thumb.

The genin quivered with surprise before quickly relaxing into the comforting hand on his cheek, needily nuzzling into Guy's palm. "I-I don't understand... You already knew?"

Guy chuckled as his confident grin returned, almost becoming a smirk. "Of course I knew. I can read you like a book, Lee. I just didn't know you were so worried about telling me." His hold on the boy tightened and he pulled him closer, looking deep into those trusting doe-eyes of Lee's. "If I had known that was what had you so out of sorts, I would have confessed first so you wouldn't have had to struggle with it. I'm sorry I didn't realize." he said softly, his smile warm and loving as his thumb caressed over the soft flesh of his student's cheek.

It took Lee a moment to process what Guy was saying, a bright smile slowly finding its way into his features. Guy returned his love! No one had EVER returned his love! He had fully expected Guy to turn him down. This would be his first relationship ever - and the only one he would ever need. Happy tears replaced those of worry and he quickly shook his head in dismissal of his teacher's apology. "I-it is all right! I love you Guy sensei!" he exclaimed joyfully as he threw his arms around Guy's midsection in a bone-crushingly tight embrace.

Guy stumbled back a little from the sheer force of the hug, laughing at Lee's sudden enthusiasm. His hands gripped the lithe, muscled waist and he lifted the boy effortlessly into his arms, setting him on his hip. "I love you too Lee. I love you so much." he breathed in a warm tone of voice that made Lee shiver in delight. Those words had been spoken between them many times, but always under the guise of being platonic. It filled their hearts with joy to be able to proclaim their love so openly, hiding nothing.

Lee blushed and smiled that sweet, innocent smile of his and Guy felt himself falling in love all over again. What had he done to deserve someone this perfect? He smiled warmly at his student, keeping one arm tight around his waist and sliding his free hand to the back of Lee's head where his digits curled gently in the soft, black hair. Tilting Lee's head down until their lips almost touched, warm breath ghosting over his lips, he spoke quietly, "You are precious to me Lee. You mean more to me than anyone else in this world."

Lee blushed and smiled warmly, if not bashfully, shivering to feel his sensei's breath on his lips. "I-I feel the same way sensei. I don't think I could live without you."

Guy smiled lovingly at his student before gently closing the gap and pressing their lips together. There was a second of hesitation before Lee slowly returned the kiss, opening his lips softly. It was inexperienced and clumsy, but none the less determined. The thought that this was Lee's first kiss - that he was his first - made Guy smile against the boy's lips. With that in mind, he didn't push to deepen the kiss, letting the touch remain relatively innocent. He didn't want to take this too quickly.

Pulling back, he gently broke the contact of their lips. "I'll always be here for you. That's a promise."

"And I will always be here for you Guy sensei!" he proclaimed with a bright smile, his usual gusto and vitality returning.

The jounin laughed, glad to have Lee back to his normal self. "That's the spirit Lee! Now, let's go get that ramen. We'll take the rest of the day off to celebrate." he said as he turned to begin marching back to town, Lee still held firmly in his arms.

"Right!" Lee laughed as he gave a curt nod, holding onto his sensei as he was carried. His heart was fluttering in his chest, body quivering with excitement. He couldn't believe this was actually happening! So many times he had imagined this moment, never daring to delve too deeply into his own fantasy for fear that it could never come true. But here they were, finally confessing a mutual love for one another. Lee only wished he had had the courage to speak up sooner.

But, as he was held in Guy's familiar arms and carried all the way back to the village, it almost felt as though they had been in a relationship all along. They had just been too dense to realize it.
I am really obsessed with Naruto, and I adore Lee and Guy's relationship SO much it hurts. I couldn't resist writing up some fics for them. :heart: I imagine this is pretty much how it would go if Lee confessed his true feelings for his sensei. He would think it was some big secret, but anyone who was paying attention would already know how he really felt. XD

I hope you guys don't mind me posting some non Transformers works. I have more Naruto fics written and planned. Maybe let me know in the comments if you're interested in seeing them?
Jetstorm followed quietly behind Drift, his sensei and father leading him to the room that had been prepared for them on the remains of the Alchemor. The young mech shivered with apprehension, knowing that each step they took only brought him closer to his punishment... He should never have run away...

Slipstream followed quietly at his brother's side, sending him a gentle, soothing pulse through their sibling bond. But Jetstorm's spark only responded with sorrow, throbbing shamefully. Slipstream pouted sympathetically for his brother, wishing there was something he could do to comfort him or even lessen his punishment. Turning his blue gaze up to the orange and black plating of their father, he spoke up ever so carefully, "S-Sensei... Would you be willing to reconsider? It was only a misunderstanding... Perhaps you could simply assign Jetstorm extra training?"

"No. I have decided his punishment and that is final. I will not discuss the matter further." Drift said firmly as he slowed to a stop outside their quarter doors. Turning, he focused his gaze on the red twin. "Slipstream, go wait in the command center with Fixit. I will inform you when you may return to our quarters." he ordered stiffly, though his irritation was not directed at Slipstream.

He drooped softly from his father's tone, optics dimming. "Yes, sensei..." he said quietly, casting a soft glance to his brother before turning to walk away, leaving Jetstorm alone with Drift.

The older mech watched as Slipstream left, optics dimming... before narrowing as he returned his gaze to Jetstorm. "Inside. Now." he ordered curtly after opening their quarter doors, standing aside to let the young mech in first.

Jetstorm quivered, giving his father a pathetic expression before lowering his gaze to the floor once more and shuffling inside. Why was Drift making him enter first? Did he not trust him to follow him inside? Jetstorm grit his denta softly, withholding bitter tears as he came to stand in the center of the room.

Had it been under better circumstances, he would have taken a moment to appreciate their new quarters. It was a comfortable size for the three of them, but it could only house two berths. With both of them pressed to opposite walls it kept the room spacious. It seemed Jetstorm and Slipstream would be sharing the second berth.

Drift allowed the door to slide shut behind him, a metalic 'click' sounding as it locked. "Come." he ordered as he walked past his son, stepping up to the berth he had already claimed as his own and sitting down.

The young mech approached slowly with a shiver of apprehension. He knew this would not be pleasant. Drift was really upset with him... His optics flickered softly as he turned his gaze up to look at Drift. "S-sensei, I'm sorry," he said quietly, his wings drooped low on his back.

"Do not stall. I do not want to hear apologies or excuses. Just accept your punishment," scolded the samurai as he reached down and hooked his hands under Jetstorm's arms, lifting the youngling up and setting him across his knees with his aft up.

"I-It wasn't my intention to stall, Sensei..." he whimpered, clutching his father's thigh and trying to prepair for the pain he knew was coming.

The first swat came without warning, leaving a sharp sting over his backside that made the little mech yelp. A second swat fell across his aft, then a third and a fourth. Jetstorm lost count after the seventh, finding that trying to count the sharp swats wasn't helping much at all. Each time Drift's hand paddled him it was harder than the last, making hot pain blossom over his skidplate.

Jetstorm grit his denta, trying not to cry - Drift didn't like it when they cried during their punishment... But he couldn't silence his yelps and cries of pain, tears welling thickly in his optics and beginning to drip down his flushed cheeks.

Drift didn't say a word, his optics narrowed as he counted the number of swats in his helm. He was upset with Jetstorm, but he would not step over the boundary between punishment and abuse.

The little mech was trembling in his father's lap, resisting the urge to try and get away from the punishment. Struggling would only get him more swats, and that was the last thing he wanted... Drift didn't like it when they begged for the punishment to stop either. He expected them to remain silent and accept their punishment like warriors. But Jetstorm couldn't, yelping and sobbing with each swat as shame and sorrow weighed heavy on his spark. No matter what he did he always seemed to disappoint his father...

The samurai gave three more hard swats before finally ending the punishment. He halted his hand and gently laid it over Jetstorm's back, feeling him trembling and how his frame shook with the force of his sobs. Shifting, he gently cupped his hands beneath the young mech's arms to lift him up into a sitting position in his lap, letting him cry.

Jetstorm's optics were firmly offline, helm hung low as he cried quietly. Or at least as quietly as he could. "I-I'm sorry s-sensei... I'm sorry I c-can't be more like Slipstream..." he whimpered brokenly, sobbing - before his wet optics flared online in surprise when he felt strong arms wrapping around his frame in a loving embrace.

Drift held the black and white bot tight to his chest, optics dimming. "I was so worried about you..." he said quietly, shivering. "I awoke and you were gone..."

The little mech quivered, tears falling thickly down his cheeks as he gave a choked sob. He was so surprised that it took him a moment to form a coherent response. "I-I... just... didn't want to continue t-to be a disappointment to you..."

"You are not a disappointment." said Drift firmly, the older mech hugging Jetstorm tight. "I know I am hard on you and your brother... But I love you both." he said softly as he pulled back to look into Jetstorm's wet optics, cupping his cheeks and wiping the tears away with his thumbs. "I am proud of the progress you and Slipstream have made. You have come a long way from the thieves you were when I found you."

The little bot sniffled and trembled as he felt the tears being wiped away, spark pulsing out softly as he started to relax. "R-really..? You're... proud of us?" he asked quietly, a tiny smile starting to spread across his features. His aft still throbbed with pain, but Drift saying that he loved them and was proud of them... somehow made the pain more bearable.

The samurai nodded gently, his optics dimming. "Jetstorm... I do not know how to be a father. I never wanted to be a father... I was always too focused on my mission, on bringing criminals to justice. But then I found you and Slipstream. You were young, alone, and without guidance. You needed me." he explained gently, hugging Jetstorm close to his chest. "I have been trying to balance being a father and being a teacher, and it appears that I have not done a very good job of that. ...I am sorry..." he finished quietly.

Jetstorm's optics widened to hear the apology from Drift, looking up into saddened blue optics. "S-sensei-... Father, you don't have to apologize..." he said quietly, shivering as he leaned up to wrap his arms around Drift's neck in a loving embrace, feeling his adoptive father's arms wrapping tighter around him in response.

"I do... But I promise to do better for both of you. I will learn from Bumblebee's example." he said softly.

The young mech shivered, sniffling as he gave a little smile. "Thank you... I love you, Father." he whispered as he nuzzled into the crook of Drift's neck.

Drift smiled faintly, gently holding the little bot close as he whispered in return, "I love you too, my son." He wasn't used to being so loving and allowing such closeness. Of course he had hugged his sons before and told them he loved them, but it was so rare that he almost couldn't remember the last time he had shown them this kind of affection. He had been too caught up on being a strict teacher, on trying to toughen them up and turn them into warriors, that he had forgotten to be their father... He was thankful to Bumblebee for showing him that. He could learn much from their young leader.

The samurai sighed before gently pulling back from Jetstorm to look into his still wet optics with a little smile. "Let us call Slipstream back now and we can all rest together." he said softly before opening a comm. link and doing just that.

As they waited for Slipstream to return, Drift and Jetstorm sat in comfortable silence. Jetstorm rested his helm against his father's chest and listened to his powerful sparkbeat, relaxing as Drift's hand rubbed over his back soothingly... and a warm smile crept into his features.

Running away had been a mistake, and he felt awful for worrying his family... but he couldn't say he regretted it. Because of that decision, Drift had realized that there was a time for being a teacher and a time for being a father. If it helped them all come closer as a family and build bonds as father and sons rather than teacher and students... everything had been worth it.

Even the spanking.
Worth It
The long awaited Transformers RiD spanking fic is here! Behold as Jetstorm gets his skidplate spanked for running away!

Okay, but in all honesty, this should NOT have taken as long as it did, and I'm so sorry. ;3; I was working on my novel, dealing with life, and getting hopelessly addicted to Naruto somewhere in there. I did rush this a little at the end just to get it finished because it has been sitting for so long, but I really hope it came out okay and you all enjoy it. :heart:

p.s. I have heard that the second season of RiD is supposed to air in 2016. Anyone know if this is true or not? It feels like we've been waiting forever for new episodes! DX
That's right! I'm finally going to do another spanking fic! I've been toying with the idea for a while now, and RiD has really sparked my interest in it again. All the characters are so wonderful and full of personality, I'm really excited to try writing for them!

So, first things first, I don't have a premium account so I can't make polls. Instead, I'll just have to decide who to spank based on who gets the most suggestions for it. So don't leave me hanging! Leave a comment with who you would like to see getting their aft tanned!

1. Bumblebee

2. Sideswipe

3. Strongarm

4. Grimlock

5. Fixit

6. Jetstorm

7. Slipstream

Lol, I think I already know who will get the most votes B)
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